14 January 2021, 09:00 - 13:30

Cloud Today Netherlands

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Cloud Today is an industry event for developers, IT directors, architects, engineers and consultants.

Attending Cloud Today allows you to attend sessions from the tech sector, ministries and more. Expect live demos and panels. Attending enables you to get the answers to your questions during Q&As.

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While digitization is more important than ever before and many professionals work with an innovative portfolio to realize this progress – Nutanix software unifies private, public, and distributed clouds, and empowers IT to deliver applications and data that power their businesses.

Nutanix solutions are built on the industry’s most popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology—a complete, 100% software-defined stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security to power any application, at any scale. Please join us on our Cloud Today event where we and our Partners will share our latest updates and customer cases via demo’s, sessions and virtual panels.

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Cloud Today is an online event. All sessions are available for streaming with speakers stand-by for Q&A and live chat. Over 200 developers, IT managers, architects, engineers and consultants are expected to attend.

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Hybrid Cloud steps up to meet business needs during COVID-19


The global pandemic has raised IT’s profile and fueled cloud adoption. Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Index reported that the pandemic made IT decision makers think more strategically about IT, and nearly half said their investments in hybrid cloud have increased as a direct result of the pandemic, including public and private clouds.

In this session Sunil Dutt will talk about the pitfalls and steps to take towards a successful hybrid/multi-cloud strategy.

Sunil Dutt - Channel, OEM & Alliances Director North Eastern Europe & Russia (CIS)

Having almost 20 years of experience in Channel and Business Development, Sunil Dutt has been with Nutanix for over five years. After building the channel ecosystem in the Benelux region, he currently operates as Director of Channel & OEM in North-Eastern Europe, including the BeNeLux, Scandinavia, Baltic States, Eastern Europe and Russia CIS. Within this geographic market, Sunil is responsible for Nutanix’ Routes to Market strategy, which involves Channel Partners, Distributors, Technology (ISV) Alliances and OEM Platform Partners.

De wereld van data gebruik in de topsport


Deze sessie is niet on-demand.

Steijn Spreij presenteert vol passie over zijn visie op het gebruik van data en technologie, waarbij hij een indruk geeft in de wereld van data gebruik in de topsport.

Steijn Spreij

Steijn Spreij begon zijn carrière als coach en Performance Analist in het hockey. Als coach werkte hij voor vele clubs in de Nederlandse competitie en met de nationale teams O16, O18 en het Jeugd Olympisch Team. Als analist werkte hij in de staf van de Nationale hockey mannen en vrouwen, waarmee hij deel nam aan twee EK’s, een WK en de Olympische Spelen. In 2013 begon Steijn ook bij de voetbalbond als analist tijdens het EK van Jong Oranje in Israël.

Na het Europees kampioenschap trad hij in dienst bij de KNVB als Performance Analist van het Nederlands Elftal, waar hij onder andere deel uit maakte van de staf tijdens het WK in 2014. Als Performance Analist zet Steijn video, data en technologie in voor onder andere wedstrijdanalyse, scouting en speler monitoring.

Op dit moment is Steijn naast Performance Analist van het Nederlands Elftal tevens verantwoordelijk voor de afdeling Performance Analyse en Technologie binnen de KNVB.

Business Case – Cloud Economics: grip op je cloudkosten


Met de cloud realiseer je de snelheid en wendbaarheid die nodig zijn om up to speed te blijven met de razendsnelle ontwikkelingen in de business. Maar er ontstaat pas een win-win wanneer de kosten beheersbaar blijven.

Want hoe kan het nu dat de facturen van de public cloud providers zo hoog uitvallen? Met cloud zou alles toch goedkoper worden? Tijdens deze kennissessie vertelt Paul Groen hoe je wél inzicht krijgt in deze kosten en waar je het beste op kunt besparen.

Paul Groen

Cloudspecialist at Metri Group: Paul Groen supports clients to get the cloud costs transparent and to realise savings.

Robin de Haas

Nutanix End User Computing is leading the way!

Track 01

End User Computing (EUC) is exciting, and innovations are impacting and empowering all of us daily.

In this session, Ruben Spruijt (Sr. Technologist) will share his excitement and thoughts on the most interesting developments in EUC.

He will share Nutanix EUC vision and demo various solutions. Use these insights to (re)define your workspace strategy, get TechEnergized, or just geek out.  This is the way!

Ruben Spruijt

Ruben Spruijt is Sr. Technologist at Nutanix, former CTO at Frame and a well-regarded author, speaker, market analyst, technologist.

An all-around End User Computing geek. He contributes to Nutanix product development and analyzes EUC technology trends that impacted current and future of work. Ruben is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), NVIDIA GRID Community Advisor and was in the Citrix CTP program from 2008-2017 and VMware vExpert from 2008-2018.

Cloud Strategies and Solutions with Rubrik

Track 01

With an ever-increasing number of cloud combinations, from private to public to hybrid to multi, it’s no wonder that IT pros and decision makers constantly seek out new guidance around how to formulate a coherent cloud strategy. With so many cloud solutions available, the challenge for IT organizations is how to find the right cloud solution to solve the unique challenges that they are facing in their data center.

Watch this session to:

  • Learn about the reasons for adopting a hybrid cloud solution
  • See how Rubrik can accelerate your journey to the cloud
  • Discover ways to get more out of data protection in your hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment

Filip serves as Field CTO for the EMEA region at Rubrik Inc. In that role, Filip is responsible for supporting strategic sales opportunities, closely following industry trends and direction to shape product priorities, and regularly evangelizing Rubrik solutions and roadmaps as a thought-leading technical expert with customers, at industry conferences, tradeshows, and with industry press and analysts.

Prior to joining Rubrik worked for various IT vendors including Citrix, Dell, Riverbed, and VMware in roles ranging from
Architect to Solutions Executive supporting some of the largest and most complex customer environments. He has been in the IT industry close to 20 years, starting out at the customer side, moving into consulting and finally working on the vendor side on projects spanning storage, virtualization, hybrid cloud, software-defined networking, and infrastructure automation.

Work from Home as an alternative is Dead – People just need to work

Track 02

Work from home dominated the end user computing space in 2020. It required some to rethink end user computing and provide an alternative technologies to ensure user productivity through COVID and the requirement to work from home.

This alternative approach, which we assumed might only be temporary now needs a longer term strategy – one that enables people to work from anywhere. The future of the “office” is unknown but one thing is for sure, working from the office and working from home are NOT 2 separate scenarios.

The technology we use needs to support this new paradigm. VDI and DaaS solutions, like those from Nutanix, have once again demonstrated how scalable virtualised desktops can be used to provide seamless, secure access for employees regardless of where they work. To enable this, the endpoint continues to be challenge for many. IGEL OS enables organizations to optimally embrace the cloud and yet overcome the challenges around endpoint management.

In this session, learn more about how Nutanix and IGEL are working together to provide cost effective, secure workspaces for users, regardless of where they work.

Simon Townsend

Simon Townsend – Chief Marketing Officer, IGEL. With 20 years experience in the end-user computing market, Simon has helped manage Marketing, Product marketing, product management and Global Systems Engineering for several enterprise software companies. Simon joined IGEL from Ivanti, where he was Chief Technologist and a member of the Office of the CTO. A frequent industry speaker, author and visionary on industry topics related to endpoint security, VDI, Citrix, Windows and DaaS, Simon’s roles included defining and delivering field, corporate and product marketing strategies. At AppSense for over 11 years, Simon served as the company’s Vice President of Product Management. He holds a bachelors degree in IT and Business from Bournemouth University.

How to simplify your Database Operations

Track 02

Data is one of the most valuable resources in the world and can be critical to your business’ future. But for many businesses, their databases are somewhat out of shape. Nutanix’s database solution is built from the ground up and makes databases simple. We’re slashing both DBA time and the cost of managing databases with traditional technologies.

In this breakout session Edwin Voermans will discuss Nutanix’ holistic view on data and help you achieve easy and simple data operations.

Edwin Voermans

Edwin Voermans is currently working as Senior System Engineer at Nutanix, which he has joined over four years ago. Edwin has gained extensive work experience in IT over the past 20 years. He started as an Infra Engineer at Capgemini and has carried out migrations and Citrix projects at large Dutch companies. After 9 years, Edwin switched to an American software company that develops software for the management of Microsoft environments. As Sales Engineer he supported the sales process. With his Citrix knowledge Edwin specializes at a later stage in a VDI platform.

How to control and protect your Office 365?

Track 02

Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your Office 365 data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams – so that your data is always protected and accessible.

Arjan Henselmans

Arjan Henselmans works as a Cloud Systems Engineer @ Veeam. In this role Arjan advices customers and partners of Veeam how they can use the software solutions from Veeam to protect their most valuable assets “their data”

ArrowSphere – De oplossing die voorziet in uw multi-cloud en multi-vendor strategie

Track 02

De huidige omstandigheden hebben een grote impact gemaakt op hoe er wordt gewerkt. Dit heeft voor een enorme versnelling gezorgd voor het werken in de Cloud en de adoptie van de vele oplossingen die dit biedt.

Hiermee is een nog grotere behoefte ontstaan naar oplossingen van verschillende vendoren en public cloud providers wat het inzicht in verbruik, maar ook de facturatie, lastig kan maken.

Niet met ArrowSphere. Middels ons platform bieden wij een single pane of glass aan waarmee men voor alle vendoren en cloud providers de kosten inzichtelijk heeft, inclusief prediction analysis. Het platform heeft een krachtige billing engine waarmee met een druk de kosten inzichtelijk worden voor alle vendoren van een klant, licenties kunnen eenvoudig worden op- of afgeschaald, en er zijn vele andere features die men kan gebruiken (white-labeling, API etc.)

Chris van den Berg

A highly motivated IT-Professional with a strong commercial drive, always eager to learn on new technologies. Working as a Business Development Manager Cloud at Arrow with a main focus on ArrowSphere.

Continuous Value Delivery: Digitale transformatie bestaat niet

Track 03

Het IT landschap verandert in hoog tempo en om kennis snel en effectief toe te kunnen passen ontwikkelde Centralpoint zijn Continuous Value Delivery model. De crux van dit model is het oneindige proces tegenover digitale transformatie dat een eindig proces is. De journey van een onderneming stopt na de transformatie niet. Het zou juist een oneindig leer- en groeiproces moeten zijn dat kan worden aangejaagd door een deskundige en objectieve sparringpartner.

Deze aanpak vereist een nauwkeurig inzicht in het actuele IT-landschap van de organisatie. Het Continuous Value Delivery-model geeft vijf krachtige assessment-tools. Om te bepalen welke assessment het meest geschikt is om het proces van doorlopende verbetering op te starten beginnen wij bij de basis.

In de presentatie geven wij aan hoe een juiste start gemaakt kan worden, met bijvoorbeeld een Hybrid Cloud omgeving, ondersteunt door het CVD model. Welk delivery model maakt onze onderneming future proof en hoe adopteren wij nieuwe technologieën? Wij geven drie cruciale vragen mee aan u die van belang zijn om een juiste start te maken.

Eelco Huurdeman

Passionate and curious about the possibilities within the “”Clouds””, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability, I’m always looking for answers that I can translate for my relations to usable content. But to get the right answers it is also a search for the right questions. As a curious IT professional, the search always continues in a rapidly changing IT world.

Together with my relations i’m on a search within ICT challenges for the right solution and i’m doing that with a personal approach. Why make things more difficult than necessary. An important aim is to provide solutions in an understandable language. No nonsense mentality.

Building and scaling a secure hybrid multicloud environment

Track 03

In this session Matthijs van den Berg will explain how modern data centre architectures can help you build true multi cloud environments. Environments where workload placement is done based on the requirements of the applications like security, performance, location and cost and where native cloud applications and classic applications run side by side. What does this multicloud environment look like, and how do you get there?

Matthijs van de Berg

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Matthijs has a long track record of making IT work for businesses. He has built applications and infrastructure for large businesses, consulting firms and vendors. In the current market shift of digitalization, we need to not only focus on making IT contribute to business goals but focus on how IT can change the business.

With the increasing IT complexity, additional regulatory requirements and increased competitive pressure this is an ever-challenging task. Matthijs leads a team of IT cloud professionals that work with customers to make IT just work and facilitate new initiatives.

Fortinet KickStart Your Security

Track 03

In deze korte informatieve sessie neemt Arrow jou in vogelvlucht mee in de wereld van CyberSecurity. Wat zijn de uitdagingen in IT security waar organisaties mee te maken hebben? Hoe biedt #1 Cybersecurity company Fortinet het antwoord met Security Driven Networking vanuit de Security Fabric? Na deze sessie heb je voldoende inzicht om te bepalen waar jouw “Testdrive” kan beginnen.

Edwin Bergamin

What could be better than making other people shine? Achieving results by getting the most out of it, by developing people, with fun, success and growth. With more than 17 years of experience in sales and management positions within IT organizations, this is what gives me energy!

Personally driven to challenge, innovate and transform the status quo. Faster than the market, better than the benchmark. Translate vision from analysis to strategy and tactics. Inspire and coach the sales team in the daily operation to convert customer needs and obtain results for the company and personal growth of employees based on trust.

Expertise: salesmanagement and leadership, coaching and training in consultative selling. Background in ICT , SaaS, PaaS en services.


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